Good vibes only


Good vibes only.

The basic law of attraction : positive thoughts breed positive results.

My 2017 New Year resolutions start today. This isn’t a “new year, new me”.

It’s a “good vibes only, good feelings, good thoughts and a good soul approach…”

Let’s make this the step change where we surround ourselves with good people; good intentions, want good for you, themselves and others; those positive movements which bring happy thoughts into your system and make you smile at the world.

Are you ready?



Yesterday, I became a Jan-Vegan

1st of Jan I kicked off my vegan experiment. I want to try this lifestyle, more for health than trend reasons.

I attempted a diary-free lifestyle for 2 months in Summer 2017 and found it really suited me. I then flopped and drank cow’s milk again.

Okay, so day 1. Not the worst … I hacked and handled it, found my groove and feel motivated. My family were a little thrown back but supportive nonetheless.

I went to a few stalls in the market asking for vegan goodies, only to be told that someone had bought the whole lot. This is #ontrend right? #vegan !!!

Breakfast : cereal w/ coconut milk and green tea

Lunch : Tofu ramen, with veg steamed buns

Snack : Lola’s vegan cupcake (so yum), with golden milk

Dinner : Lentil & Rice

How do I feel? Positive, still bloated though.

It’s day 2 and all I can think about is what to eat for breakfast and where do I buy this from. I’ve spent the whole morning googling recipes during the tube commute.

Fingers crossed guys, stay with me. Let’s do this. And please do share any tips if you have some!

When is a child no longer a kid?

When do we all become an “adult”?

I’m confused. When it suits you, you treat me like a kid and other times like an adult. Why isn’t it fair, equal and where is the damn rule book?

As a child, it’s also difficult to know your place. And then you as an adult, go and make it more complicated than it need be.

If there’s a family matter, I am too “young” to get involved, yet now I have a working full time job, I am “old enough” to contribute my wages towards the living and rent. I like to believe these are double-standards?

Any thoughts?